bigger stronger harder

I must have been very young when I first heard this song, and today I felt like I needed some sort of inner uplifting so I looked it up on YouTube to find out if maybe someone had left a trace of it from God knows when. The song is by Taio Cruz. I think it was his first song and it gives me the strength to flex my muscles, raise my chin and match on to my daily fights. It helps me battle my fears and smile through them and also realize that it is okay to fall but still be able to pick myself up. Thank you Taio. I also decided to chip out the lyrics for anyone who might want to read through and feel the song from right in the middle of your soul. It will lift your spirits in a manner that you cannot seem to understand. Music is truly food to the soul.

“Now i feel that this heart,

of mine has taken many falls,

still sometimes the rain,

can turn into a waterfall,

and the prettiest things,

can come out of the coldest nights,

and even with broken wings,

sometimes you find your way to fly

yes i can be bigger bigger

stronger stronger

harder harder

Now i feel that this soul,

of mine has had its many tolls

still sometimes the pain,

is what we need for us to grow,

so when it is time for me,

to look into my deeper side,

i will find a way,

to hold onto the love inside,

its time to be bigger bigger

stronger stronger

harder harder “

when you think about it,you are your own weakness and at the same time your own just need to find out where you have more faith

Alib 😉